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Energy-saving and green sand making machine

Date::2018-01-18 08:15    From:clirik
At present, the environment has become the focus of everybody's attention. Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the inevitable trend of the development of the industry, especially in the mining and crushing industry. Therefore, sand making manufacturers have stepped up R & D efforts of environmental protection equipment, the introduction of new energy-saving sand making machine applied to the production line of sand, to change the dust pollution in the traditional production line.
Faced with the harsh conditions of mine production environment, Shanghai Clirik create advanced energy-saving environmental protection sand making machine, not only able to complete the operation of various types of gravel, but also to resolve the predicament of dust flying. So, compared with the traditional sand making machine, Shanghai Clirik energy-saving environmental protection sand making machine in the reform and innovation, what are the advantages?
sand making machine
1, automatic circulation system, more environmentally friendly
The sand making machine introduces advanced foreign technology to automate the circulation of the air inside the vortex chamber to eliminate the pollution brought by the dust and reduce the harm of the dust to the human body and play the role of protecting the environment.
2, wearing parts made of high quality materials, wear-resistant and efficient
Sanding machine wearing parts is durable or not to choose customers to buy machinery to consider one of the priorities, in this regard, Zhengzhou heyday of the use of special super-hard wear-resistant material produced by casting, with small size, light weight of the dual advantages, Secondly, the whole sand making machine is also very reasonable in terms of structure, so as to make the operation more efficient and stable in the production process and reduce the wearing of the wearing parts at the same time.
3, continuous improvement and innovation of sand technology
Innovations such as boat racing, do not go back. Zhengzhou heyday fully recognize this, and constantly carry out technological innovation, improve the sand making machine equipment deficiencies, accelerate the pace of equipment updates, sand making machine performance in energy saving and environmental protection more prominent, to better meet customers The demand.
Nowadays, with the government's increasing investment in environmental governance and the drive of a series of environmental policies, modern machinery and equipment with green, environmental protection and energy saving will usher in more opportunities. If you have any question of sand making machine, please contact with us anytime!

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